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Nosework Bag

Each bag is individually handmade to your specifications.  The base of the bag comes in khaki, royal blue, or black.  You choose the color of the front and back pocket and either personalize it with your favorite photograph or choose from our library of exclusive embroidery art by Steve Pettit. (See link below to our Embroidery Gallery.)

Starting at $70.00 


  • Base of the bag is a 100% duck cloth

  • Handles are black cotton webbing

  • Completely machine washable (special washing instructions for bags with photos)

  • Hard, removable, water-resistant bottom

  • Zipper top optional

  • 6 interior pockets for scent jars

  • Front and back pocket

  • 2 side pockets

  • 16" wide x 8" deep x 12" tall

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